Boulder Heritage Foundation utilizes the arts and humanities to educate the public regarding the unique western history of Boulder, Utah

as a means of local economic growth, community experience and vision for the future..

Boulder Heritage Festival

Starting our 2nd decade of festival with the theme “Wild Boulder – Animal Stories”  Mark your calendar for July 10th & 11th, 2015.

Cliff Notes Writing Conference

Truly the best small writing conference in the west.  Mark you calendar for October 8-11, 2015.

Boulder Heritage Publications

The 2015 publication for the Boulder Heritage Festival will be a collection of your animal stories in our book “Wild Boulder.”

Boulder Book Festival

A part of the Utah Book Festival sponsored by the Utah Humanities Council.

What people are saying about the Heritage Festival
  • "When we have live music and a's a big deal!" –Bill Muse, Mayor

  • "I just enjoy meeting a lot of new people, just seeing where everyone is from and connecting in that way." –America Holladay

  • "The Boulder Heritage Festival is like coming to a family reunion." –Jan Stringham


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