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We are Clyde and Irene King's grandkids.

The Board

Camille Griffin Hall


“I started my driving career driving the tractor through the fields in Salt Gulch while Dad hauled hay.  He put the tractor on low and set me at the steering wheel while he loaded the wagon.  I think I was about six.  I also remember seeing who could run the fastest from the old white house to Hall’s Store barefoot” 

Camille owns and operates Pole’s Place in Boulder. Before moving back to Boulder, she worked with students through the Dept. of Work Force Services.  She has a Bachelors of Arts in English and History. 



Cheryl Roundy Cox


“The best time as a kid was always Boulder. I loved go on hikes to the Coyote Caves, picnic at the Toadstool or swim in Boulder Creek with cousins. We headed out with tuna sandwiches, chips and Koolaid. We came home with a little more Boulder dirt, sunburns and mosquito bites.”

Cheryl was a school counselor for 25 years, selected as Utah’s Counselor of the Year in 1995.  She has a bachelor’s of arts in psychology, a master’s in Pupil Personnel Services, and an Administrative Endorsement.  She is currently retired and living in Boulder where she can learn more about the local history and improve her hiking technique. 



Raymond King Shurtz

Artistic Director

“I always loved going fishing with Grandpa King.  As soon as I wrapped the fly around the power line at the Garkane Power Plant Reservoir, I learned all kinds of new swear words.”

Raymond  has written 30 plays, three published by Samuel French and Anchorage Press.  He was a founding Artistic Director of Playwright’s Theater, a theatre and film teacher for an arts school, a writer, director, filmmaker, and a singer/songwriter.  He is currently touring his most recent production, Lounge.   Raymond currently lives part time in Boulder and the other part of the year wherever the next project takes him.


Dan Hitt


“Clyde King died before I was born so I didn't ever get yelled at by him.”